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高瑞 (Cole Wright)

董事总经理 Managing Director

Cole Wright has worked for Merrill Gardens in China since 2011. Merrill Gardens is one of the largest senior housing owner/operator/developers in the United States having successfully operated over 100 communities. Merrill Gardens is a family-owned company with a long history and Mr. Wright is the fifth generation to be involved in the company. In China, Mr. Wright has worked with a wide variety of local partners from large developers to state-owned insurance companies to local developers and landowners. Currently a managing director with Merrill Gardens Related, a joint venture between Merrill Gardens and Related Companies, Mr. Wright holds a BA from Duke University and a JD from New York University School of Law.

芭芭拉女士(Barbara Nopen )

魅力花园大中华区首席运营官 Chief Operating Officer

芭芭拉具有在美国25年的养老社区管理经验。芭芭拉的职业开始于护理院的市场营销工作,最后是行政管理和区域运营。她丰富的运营经验包括管理长期的护理服务,失智护理服务和亚急性护理服务。90年代初,美国的退休和协助生活行业具有很大吸引力,从那时起,芭芭拉女士进入这一行业并且开设和管理了Sunrise Senior Living(日出养老公寓)和魅力花园的多家协助生活社区。现在,她是魅力花园中国运营总监,她将利用这些经验来管理中国的项目。
Barbara’s career has spanned the entire long term care industry starting in skilled nursing and sub-acute care for Extendicare,Inc from 1983 to 1993. Barbara’s experience in health care included oversight of sales and marketing as well as management. As a licensed administrator, Barbara managed skilled nursing and sub-acute facilities that cared for short term rehabilitative patients as well as long term patients. From 1990 to 1993 Barbara worked in a business development role as the country was beginning to see the development of assisted living facilities. In 1993 she left Extendicare to open an assisted living community in Seattle. From 1998 to 2005, Barbara worked for Sunrise Senior Living as both a General Manager and Vice President of Operations overseeing the development and start- up of assisted living communities. In 2006, Barbara joined Merrill Gardens as Vice President of Operations supervising the operation of 12 of its communities including for start up’s. Barbara relocated to Shanghai in 2012 and now heads up the development of Merrill Gardens China operation.

梅雪艳 (May Mei)

总经理 General Manager

As the GM, May is in charge of operation, business development and leading all project feasibility reports; and MGR office management. May joined MG since MG entered China in 2011. She contributed to the localization of MG’s service and produces model, SIP, business model and help in recruiting local elites team. She is also the key contact person in the negotiations with China Life, CREC, CITIC, etc. She received MG senior housing operation training in Seattle, US. Before MGR, May was the EA to the Chairman of Related China. May had her Master of Commerce in Macquarie University.

张藏文(Tracy Zhang)

运营总监 Operation Director

Tracy在美瑞负责运营管理, 她在新加坡及中国医疗行业有超过15年的工作经验. 在加入美瑞之前她在凯健全面负责养老运营. Tracy曾在上海瑞东医院负责运营管理,通过与保险公司及大客户的合作为医院创收, 同时负责医院的人事及客服工作.在新加坡中央医院护理部工作期间因出色表现曾多次获奖. 她毕业于澳洲悉尼大学并获得护理专业学士学位和医院管理硕士学位。
Tracy has more than 15yrs experience in healthcare industry. Prior joining MGR, she was the operation director in Columbia China and responsible for the total operation of senior living. Tracy was in charge of the business operation at Shanghai Ruidong Hospital in 2013 and doubled the outpatient service revenue during her terms. Tracy received her Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing) and Master of Health Science (Management) from the University of Sydney.

黄重千 (Sophie Huang)

财务总监 Financial Controller

魅力花园财务总监,负责魅力花园中国区的财务管理工作。湖南大学经济学学士学位,中级会计师,从事财务及审计工作将近20年。在加入魅力花园之前曾在新加坡丰树集团下属的丰树物流信托(REITs)担任高级财务经理,负责该REITs在中国所有物流项目公司的财务工作,有着丰富的财务分析、财务管理和日常财务运营管理经验。 As the representative of Finance Controller, Sophie is in charging of financial and accounting matters for MGR China office. Sophie had her Bachelor of Economic in Hunan University. She had nearly 20 years’ financial working experience, with solid financial analysis, internal control and day-to-day operation management knowledge and skills. Before MRG, she was Senior Finance Manager of Mapletree Logistic trust, a Singapore REITs, managed finance matters of all project companies of China.